[Ecoaction] Create a Miyawaki forest in your community

According to The Guardian, “Tiny, dense forests are springing up around Europe as part of a movement aimed at restoring biodiversity and fighting the climate crisis.”

Known as Miyawaki forests, they grow 10 times faster and become 30 times denser and 100 times more biodiverse than those planted by conventional methods. In other words, they’re a faster fix for climate change and providing habitat than plonking a single tree in your yard.

Shubhendu Sharma has studied the method, and after volunteering with Miyawaki and doing his own plot, he quit the car industry and started a company to do Miyawaki forests around the world. You can watch his TED talk here.

Miyawaki forests succeed by planting saplings close together, using native varieties, and using a wide variety of species to recreate the layers of an organically grown forest.

Sharma’s personal plot was 93 square metres in size. You could convert your lawn to a Miyawaki forest, and you could also organize your community to convert properties into these super forests. Not sure where to begin? Your local library might have something on afforestation and this organization has a free online training module.

Photo by Sebastian Unrau on Unsplash

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