[Ecoaction] It *Is* Easy Being Green

Another myth about being more environmentally conscious is that it’s hard. We’re led to believe that being green involves sacrifice, or making do with less.

Margaret and Hersch Young are here to tell you otherwise. The Ontario-based couple have made a number of changes over the years that has actually resulted in a better backyard… with less work.

“We have reduced the amount of watering by over 90%, letting the lawn strategically go brown at times,” Margaret explained. “It comes back beautifully without the constant watering.”

“At one time we would also rake, bag and take 14 or more bags of leaves to the yard waste station. Then we moved to mulching the leaves instead,” she continued, noting that doing so returns nutrients to the ground naturally. “This year we didn’t even mulch the leaves. We raked/arranged them just enough to provide areas of cover for small animals and insects.”

They’ve also upgraded their equipment. “We use a lawn mower that runs on batteries (rechargeable) instead of one that uses gas,” she said. The result is a neat lawn without the smell or the noise.

It’s also worth noting that gas mowers, with their terribly inefficient two-stroke engines, are awful polluters. According to the EPA, a single gas mower spews 88 lbs. of the greenhouse gas CO2, and 34 lbs. of other pollutants into the air every year. Worse, more than 17 million gallons of gas are spilled each year refueling lawn and garden equipment – more oil than was spilled by the Exxon Valdez.

The image above shows a thick and healthy lawn… in February! You could start the trend to better, friendlier lawns in your neighbourhood this spring, simply by doing less work!


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