[Ecoaction] Time for a reset?

You’ve heard the phrase “stop the merry-go-round, I want off”? Well, the merry-go-round is certainly about to slow down as we work to #flattenthecurve in the face of the new coronavirus.

Instead of anxiously refreshing social media for the next few weeks, a better use of our time might be to use this time to retrench and rethink how we do things.

Two things have been made very clear in the early days of the response. First, is that we can mobilize when pushed to, and free up resources meant for other things. Second, the speed at which wildlife responded to changes in human activity, and the drastic drops in pollution and emissions in lockdown areas shows that turning things around is definitely possible.

So the questions become: How can we adjust our systems, in our places of work, and in our communities, to reduce the odds of another pandemic in the future?

Can we talk about *permanently* moving a lot of things – meetings, conferences, document signings etc – online? This would be better for the environment, and also provide much more accessibility and equality of opportunity for those who cannot travel (because of money, health, time)?

Can we talk about building antifragile health care systems?

Can we talk about a moonshot effort to reduce pollution and waste so we’re all healthier to begin with, and more resilient to viruses, especially respiratory ones?

Can we talk about ways to make our communities stronger and better prepared for crises?

Can we talk about a Great Reset? Comment below.

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  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    One of the things that has amazed me is how quickly things which had seemed not to be mutable have become mutable. Given we handle this crisis and get out the other side we have had a demonstration of just how easy it is to make what we thought were fundamental changes in the ways things are done.