[Ecoaction] Will You Take The Pledge?

If you’re looking for a way to take Ecoaction as things slowly open back up, look no further than Bee City Canada.

The website has provided a way for you to pledge to protect pollinator species, and it provides lots of resources to help you do so. In addition to videos and webinars, there’s also an extensive province-by-province list of places to purchase native plants that are pollinator friendly.

US residents can do their part as well, with Bee City USA.

If you’re feeling even more ambitious, or if you don’t have a yard to convert to a pollinator paradise, you can consider motivating your municipality to become a Bee City; you can also encourage the development of Bee Schools and Bee Campuses.

You don’t have to wait for an organization or a government to take action. You can make a difference in your very own back yard.

Image credit: Screenshot of Bee City Canada website.

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