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  • Why Refusing Is Not Enough

  • Chandra

    January 27, 2020 at 2:03 pm

    I keep seeing well-intentioned comments in here about how if we just raise awareness and get people to stop buying certain products, everything will be hunky dory. Hit ‘em in the bottom line, manufacturers will change their ways.

    By all means, continue to refuse products. BUT be aware that it will not change things. Here’s why:

    According to the Coca Cola UK site faq, “More than 1.9 billion servings of our drinks are enjoyed in more than 200 countries each day.”

    1.9 billion servings.


    Let’s say we can get 10% of current consumers to stop drinking Coke’s products.

    That’s still…

    1.7 billion servings. Per day.

    20%? 1.5 billion. Per day.

    30%? 1.3 billion. Per day.

    50%? 950 million. Per day.

    What about if we were to convince 90% of consumers to give up their favourite fizzy drink? Ninety percent? Nearly all of them?

    That still leaves us with 190,000,000 – 190 million servings.

    Every. Single. Day.

    Those are the numbers you’re up against.

    But Chandra, I hear you say, if we were able to cut 30% of a company’s market, they’d sit up and notice! Then they’d have to change.


    But how likely are you, really, to convince even 30% of a market to boycott, when you’re up against the brand power of a behemoth like Coke? (Quick! How many of you can name all of the brands owned by Coke? Spoiler: There are 500 in over 200 countries. “Coca Cola” is just *one* of those brands.)

    And how long are you prepared to wait for this action to make a difference? Go to Google images and type in ‘animals killed by plastic.’

    And hat’s just one kind of product, from one company.

    That, my green friends, is why we really must start pushing much harder on the legislation front.

    Definitely, absolutely, continue to refuse to use. But please, please, please, start devoting more of your time and money to pressuring all of your local governments.

  • Margaret

    January 27, 2020 at 4:58 pm

    Agree that we need to legislation to deal with this.

    My own experience from being a celiac is that only way to get companies to change is to mandate that change. Years of lobbying companies is not effective when you are battling the capitalist logic and maximum profit extraction. Lobby the governement, not the company.

  • Frank

    May 25, 2020 at 2:04 pm

    I recently saw an article that said Coke is considering replacing the plastic bottles with ones composed of biodegradable materials and will decompose after one year. We should be wary that this declaration ( if true ) might serve to delay legislation. We must continue to push for legislation and hold Coke to their promise of developing biodegradables.

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