[Good News] Three Signs of Progress to Brighten Your Day

The Guardian announced that it would no longer be taking ad money from fossil fuel companies. This is despite the fact that the newspaper, like many mainstream media companies, is in dire financial straits. Full story here. How can you help? Buy a subscription to The Guardian or use the Blendle app to buy stories from many mainstream news organizations around the world on a pay-per-story basis.

Packaging News has noted that Colgate has developed a recyclable toothpaste tube. Full story with pictures can be found at this link. You can support this initiative by switching to Colgate; if the right tube isn’t at your local grocery store, speak to the manager about ordering that SKU.

Meanwhile, APREN is reporting that Portugal’s renewable electricity production accounted for 103.6 % of the electricity consumption, a value unmatched in the last 40 years. It also ended fossil fuel subsidies. You can encourage your home country to do the same by calling to an end to fossil fuel subsidies and an increase in green energy subsidies.

Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

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