[Inspiration] Finding Levers of Change

Three interesting long reads for you to peruse this week, both having to do with how to change things.

The first is a BBC article on Finland, a country that has vowed to be carbon neutral within 15 years. It talks about the old ways and the new ways of doing things in this Nordic country, and how to balance shifting the economy with preserving people’s income in the short term. The question to consider: Can what is happening in Finland happen where you live? What can you do to make that happen?

The second article is a piece on Vox.com that talks about ‘tipping points.’ Previously, any talk about tipping points with respect to climate change has referred to a point of no return, which isn’t exactly inspirational. This article talks more about social tipping points and how to trigger them. That is, how can we produce irreversible social momentum to fix the climate problems we’re facing?

If there is any silver lining to the global pandemic, it is that it may have handed us an opportunity to push for real action, and to make it a tipping point. Ecoactionists must capitalize on this and press ahead harder than ever before. Does that sound exploitative? Perhaps it is, but unfortunately exploit we must: less progressive actors are already doing so. RampantMag has a story on how alt-right is using this chaotic time to push their own agenda, and a search for “list of things Trump has gutted” is sobering, if not terrifying. So the question to consider when you read the Vox article is how can you make the biggest difference during this wild 2020?

The next and final piece may help you figure that out. Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System has a list of 12 areas in a system that you can influence to try to change things, and it helpfully discusses their relative effectiveness.

Thoughts? Provide your feedback in the comments below.

Photo by Bluehouse Skis on Unsplash

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