Points and Badges

Show off how green you are, and work towards being even more green! Here’s a list of currently available points and badges. More will be added as time goes on.

Ways to Earn


1 Flower Award

  • Share an Ecoactionist Post to Social Media – 10 Flowers (Once Per Day)


7 Leaf Awards

1 Leaf Deduct

  • Post Spammy Comment - Lose 100 Leaves

Available Achievement Badges

First Login

Earn this badge for your very first login.

1 Required Step

  • 1st Login or Registration

Social Butterfly

Earn this badge for sharing Ecoactionist posts to other social networks 100 times. (Please don't spam. Just share when you think your friends will like a specific post.)

Founding Member

Limited availability! Earn this badge by being an active member of Ecoactionists site in the first half of 2020.

Success Story

10,000 Leaves

Earn this badge by sharing your Ecoactionist success story with us here. By doing so, you'll show other Ecoactionists how you tackled a problem in your home, your workplace, or your community. Your work will inspire others! No story is too small, and no story is too big. We want them all!

Electric Vehicle

10,000 Leaves

I switched my main vehicle to a fully-electric vehicle.

1 Required Step

  • On the Eco Actions Page, I Confirmed I Drive an EV

My Earnings