Tell Us Your Story… So We Can Share It*

We’re looking for success stories! Did you eliminate waste at your office? Have you switched to an electric vehicle? Did you rally your community to do something green! Tell us! We want to inspire other people to do as you did. Show us what you did and how you overcame obstacles to do it. Now is your chance to brag! Some prompts to get you going:

  • Where does this take place? If you’re not comfortable giving your city, tell us your state, province, or region and country. Was this at home? At work? In your community?
  • Who was involved? Your boss? Your family? You and some friends? You don’t need to name names necessarily, but give us a sense of the people involved.
  • What did you do? Don’t be shy, now is the time to brag! Did you get your community to adopt recycling? Did you successfully get your weekly waste down from where it was before? Did you switch your car to something greener. No victory is too small, no project is too big!
  • How did you do it? Tell us what the roadblocks were and how you overcame them. Would you do it differently next time? How can other people do what you did?
  • Why did you do it? Tell us about what you were trying to accomplish and what motivated you to do so.

* Stories shared via this form will be edited and posted on the Ecoactionists website with attribution going to you. Stories shared via this form are subject to our site Terms, so you should read those. From time to time, we may wish to create a book of these stories for sale. If we select your story, we’ll be in touch with an offer, so please keep your contact info here current.